Monday, July 11, 2011

Illustration Friday: Stay

This poor li'l doggie has to stay while everyone else goes out and has fun!
It's been an entire month since I last posted on my blog! I've been side-tracked and busy even though technically this is my summer break...Meanwhile, my computer is running ever so slowly. It's not even mine; this is one that's been revamped TWICE belonging to my 10 year old! Mine died a painful death a while back. This thing is about a year newer than my old one. I have my laptop, but my printer is so ancient, it doesn't recognize it and there are no "patches" or drivers I can even install to make it work. Therefore I can't use my Wacom Bamboo with it (kinda difficult anyway I think with a laptop...maybe just because I've never done that before.) Soooooo, I'm stuck using an old Dell until I can get what I really want: a New Intel Core i5 iMac! Now I just need to save lots of money (ha!) or sell my house and downsize like I really want to do and maybe spend some $$$ on myself! I've wanted to convert to Apple for a while now. :) What's everyone's opinion?


ldthoughts said...

I love your is delightful!!

Sylvia Liu said...

This is cute and I like the lettering too. Enjoying the rest of your postings too!

Faruffa said...

sooo lovely and a great palette!!!