Friday, April 1, 2011

Illustration Friday: Toy

I'm a week late submitting this, but I thought this little guy was cute! I've had parent-teacher conferences all week and have not had enough time to draw!
 If you're like me, you had all kinds of favorite toys growing up. My favorites were: stuffed animals reigned in as all time favorite, Barbies (of course),  little people like those Fisher Price people, board games like Monopoly and Sorry...I even played with little Matchbox cars with my favorite cousins who were boys. But NOOOO "dolls" dolls were not on my play list! I had one that sneezed and peed...yuck! I never liked playing with them.
I had fun and was a bit nostalgic creating this one. Hope you had fun creating your own toy illustration and reminiscing about when we were carefree and had the whole world before us! Wow! That sounds kinda depressing!

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Jack Foster said...

Hey Tracy! Glad you posted this. Great memory jogger! I love the colors.... and I especially like all the little details. Your bear is so cuuuute! Thanks