Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yay! It's an AWARD! :)

I have just been given a "Stylish Blogger Award"  by Ann Pilicer . Thank you so much, Ann! That means a lot to me and it is a wonderful award to receive. Much appreciated! :) 
Now I am supposed to pass this award along to 10 more bloggers......oooooh, this will be hard!
I shall do the passing of the award on soon and post "7 things about myself" later, too...we've been at the E.R. tonight (it's now 5:16 a.m.!) because my fiance was rear ended earlier. He's OK, he has some p.t.s. due to a severe automobile accident in 2008. He was told to get some bed rest :( We're off to get some sleep and I'll do my duty to fellow bloggers soon :)


Hazel Dawis said...

Hi Tracy! I also selected you for the Stylish blogger award. I love your blog! I just wanted you to know I gave you a big shout out on my blog too! :)

Tracy said...

Woo hoo! Thank you, Hazel :) I greatly appreciate that :)