Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 4

Here are some pencil sketches of different styles I tend to do...a slightly realistic style (not my favorite thing to do), a "cutesy" style, a big headed personified style, and a big eyed "person" with big ol' round eyes. I used to always draw in the "cutesy" style, but lately, I've been liking the big head style. What do you think? (*These were like 5 minute sketches.)


Mônica said...

These are great 5 minutes sketches! I like them all, the realistic one still has a little bit of whimsy about it, and looks really cute. I've been enjoying the "big headed" style too-- it looked great on your sweet witch and that adorable monkey fellow.
I saw the earlier post about improvements and there's no question you are getting better and better. I see that myself too when I look at my first posts. Isn't it great? Isn't it wonderful to know each day we get a little better? Thank goodness for practice! :-)

Zari said...

great variety of bunnies...all are very beautiful!

andi butler said...

they are all too sweet, tracy!! I love the preppie bunny in frunt, too cute!

a : )

Chickengirl said...

I'm biased to the cutesy big eyed style, but I think all of them are great. Just wonderful that you are exploring..yay!

Speck said...

Found you through Alicia Padron's blog. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Christmas tree and the "fierce" illustrations.

Short response: I vote for the big-head style too. It appeals on many different levels.

Long response: I get much too verbose for the comments section, so I wrote you a long email with a pro/con analysis of each style (all positive feedback). Then I realized you don't have an email address posted. :(

Email me if you're interested in the long analysis. Address is on my Blogger profile.